NSMES Society Efficiency Trials

The Society Efficiency Trials were held on Saturday 2nd July 2016
The society ran this competition for the first time in a number of years proving to be a very successful day for all those members in attendance, competitors or stewards and spectators. The weather was kind, the rain holding off until the very end. The Pie and Pea lunch provided was also enjoyed by all.

A fixed train consisting of 3 trucks carrying 12 x 56lb weights
Raising Steam with Wood and Charcoal, Coal being provided at the start and during the run in 1lb bags.
Each driver will complete 15 laps with the standard load and the winner will be the driver who uses the least coal
Starting interval between drivers to be 45 minutes and any driver who does not complete 15 laps in 40 minutes will be deemed to have retired.

Seven members competed in this 5″ gauge competition for “The Steve Baker Presidents Cup”

They were in the order drawn from the hat.

  1. Rodger Taylor and his Simplex loco. Loco failed after 2 Laps
  2. Chris Reeves and his Pansy Loco 2nd place having used 1lb 7oz of coal
  3. David Cawthorn and his Simplex Loco “Fred” 4th place having used 1lb 15oz of coal
  4. Rob Hall and his recently completed Polly V 3rd place having used 1lb 8oz of coal
  5. Steve Rowe and his Polly ll with tender 6th place having used 2lb 8oz of coal
  6. Mike Barnett and his Speedy loco 1st place having used 1lb 5oz of coal
  7. Tom Leighton and his Polly 1 loco 5th place having used 2lb 5oz of coal

A most enjoyable day was had by all. Thank you to all who took part, those members of the society in support and Eva for keeping up a constant flow of tea and coffee.
Steve Rowe produced a a short video which is available on YouIube via the link below.

Rodger Taylor

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