Covid-19 Update

What’s Happening? An Update

The directors have been in discussion over the past few days and we have come to the following decisions.

1 We will NOT be giving rides to the general public for the rest of this year. NO Sunday rota. No invitations at other times. Not insured and Not Safe.

2 Subsequently we are in discussion with our insurance co. to have a reduced policy.(this is at their suggestion)

3 Members will still be allowed to run there locos at any time, but there must be another member of the society present. Small groups are acceptable.

4 I am awaiting confirmation that family members may participate on these occasions. associate members are OK

5 Running sheets still need completing with up to date boiler certificates

6 Boiler testing, Sunday 5th July and Weds 8th July

7 Some members are meeting on Weds am if the weather is fair only using the clubroom for tea making. Social distancing etc: to be adhered to.The track is in a good condition but the trucks will require servicing and it looks like we will have to keep cutting the grass around the track.

We may have an efficiency trial event as a social activity but much depends on the governments approach to the current situation as with all the above.