Visiting Societies

In 2017 a group of us took a few locos to South Cheshire Model Engineering Society for the day.

Rodger and his 5″ Gauge Black 5
Mike and his 5″ Gauge Netta
Jeff with his 5″ Gauge Electric
Rob with his 5″ Gauge Polly 5

Also in 2017. A large group of us, took our locos on a day trip to North Wales Model Engineering Society. This was a first visit to this track. The day was a really nice day by all with really nice weather by the seaside.

Rob’s 5″ Gauge Polly 5
Rodger with his 5″ Gauge Black 5
Ian with his 5″ Gauge
Mike with his 5″ Gauge Netta
Tony with his 5″ Gauge Royal Scot
Rodger’s Black 5
Tony’s Royal Scot
Mike’s Netta
Rob’s Polly 5

Each year there are open days and weekends that members can there loco’s to other societies around the country to run round.

Sale Area Model Engineering Society

Mike’s 5″ Gauge Netta
Rob’s 5″ Gauge Polly 5
Rob’s Polly 5


Rob with his Polly 5

Rob’s Polly 5